Siah got a red balloon at daycare. And he LOVED it. We went to Button’s school and he wanted to play outside on the playground. He asked me to tie the balloon to him so that it wouldn’t fly away. “Mama! I just WOVE my bawoon!”

Well, of all things, the balloon came off its string! As it started to catch some air and head for the clouds, Siah was in complete hysterics on the playgound, screaming at the TOP of his lungs, “NO!!! NO!!! MY BAWOON!!! NO! MAMA, YOU SAID IT WOULDN’T FWY AWAY! NO! NO!”

I told him I would try to get it, and I took off across the parking lot, hoping it would catch a downward drift and I’d be able to get it. But no such luck.

Siah was hysterical. “OH, JESUS! PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY BAWOON! PLEASE BRING MY BAWOON BACK! PLEASE, JESUS, PLEASE!!!” I could barely get him in the car; he was having a break down. The biggest tears ever! The loudest cries ever! From the depths of his soul he was lamenting the loss of his balloon. “BUT JESUS! I WOVE MY BAWOON SOOOOOO MUCH! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!”

We jumped in the car and chased the balloon down the street for as long as we could see it. Button had the best eyes on it. She picked it up way, way off in the clouds – it looked as small as a sparrow, so far in the distance. And then it was gone.

The floodgates opened. It was the worst time of Siah’s life… EVER. The absolute end of the world. “MAMA! YOU SAID IT WOULDN’T FLY AWAY! DOES JESUS COLLECT ALL THE BAWOONS THAT FWY AWAY? DOES HE HAVE MY BAWOON? NO, JESUS, NO, NO, NO! PWEASE GIVE MY BAWOON BACK!”

I suggested that he pray about the balloon. After all, nothing is impossible with Jesus. And if He collects the balloons that fly up to heaven, then He can bring them back, right? Siah was starting to calm down as his hope grew.

“But what if He doesn’t, Mama?”

“Well, He might not. Sometimes God gives us what we pray for, and sometimes He doesn’t. We pray for the impossible, and then we trust it to God – we prefer His will over what we want.”

Siah’s agonizing crying started up all over again. The idea of Jesus NOT giving him back the balloon was too much to handle. But I helped him walk through the prayer. “Jesus, nothing is impossible with You. Please bring my bawoon back. But above all… thy will bE DONE! [WAILING]”

Then swim lessons started. I convinced him to trust Jesus and stop crying; we’d see what happened. In the meantime, I called Fran at the daycare and asked if she had an extra red balloon. Turns out she did, and she was able to take it to our house and tie it to our door handle.

When we got home, Siah walked up the front steps, saw the balloon, and shouted repeatedly with uncontainable joy, “THANK YOU, FRANNIE! THANK YOU, FRANNIE! THANK YOU!!!” He was jumping up and down and had the biggest smile I’d ever seen. I said, “What about Jesus, Siah? Didn’t you pray to Jesus for the balloon?”