I asked a seasoned pastor in Foursquare to pray for me after my miscarriage. A month later, this is the note I received. It was RIGHT ON for many things God’s been showing me and doing in me during this season of recovery, grieving, and healing.

“Hi Kelly, still praying for you! Hope things are going better for you. I did want to share one word with you. Psalm 27 – “One Thing” Stayed Focused on the “One Thing” the same goes for when you sit at his feet. The story of Mary and Martha, God is calling you to the Mary ministry, to sit at His feet and observe the “One Thing” Worship Him, “BE” intimate with Him. The Martha’s around you could get angry with you, because all you want to do is “BE” Rest in His Presence, stay quiet and no matter what others say, this is your season and calling for NOW! Will continue to Pray! Be Blessed! God is turning your water into wine – New Wine is found in the Cluster – Isa. 65:8″