Early this morning I headed out for a walk in the snow in silence with the intent to spend some time with God. It was crisp, beautiful, fresh, pure. The ground, the white fence, the trees, and the mountains were shrouded in a foot or so of new, untouched, snow. Given how early it was, I may well have been the first person to see it all. I loved it.

And I saw a snow-kissed pine tree. Stately, strong, rooted. Then high up on the tree, two little pinecones caught my eye. Far as I could tell, they were the only two pinecones left on the tree.

What I saw in that moment was a world in a season of death — it was a blizzardy winter. But here was hope of life. A promise that this would pass and this pine tree would see new life.

And I felt like God whisper to me, “That’s a picture of you right now, Kelly. You’re in a season where you’re experiencing death. But see – in the midst of it there is hope for the future. There are seeds of the promise. Spring is coming. And look around – even in this moment of sorrow and death, there is beauty. I have overcome the world. I have washed sin white as snow.”