Today at work was good. I made it. I got work done. It was very, very busy. And I didn’t cry. All good things. I also worked out – I really want to drop this extra weight (10-15 pounds – not as bad as I thought). I’m tired. And emotionally drained. Two more days of this…

It snowed lots last night. Button didn’t have school today, so she and Siah stayed home with mom. I’m sure they had fun – haven’t talked with them all day. It was so beautiful on my way into work at 530am today – so dark with all the trees bathed in white. I loved it. I felt God’s presence and comfort. Like he was saying, “This is a gift for you, Kelly. I love you.” What is so cool is that when I got into work, a friend emailed and said when she saw the snow covered trees this morning, she also thought “this is a gift for Kelly.” Which means it really must have been! She said the trees were so barren and ugly yesterday, and then today they’re completely transformed into something beautiful and that’s what she believes God’s going to do for me. I believe it too – mostly because I “heard” the same thing this morning (about the gift and all). I also am believing God will work all this for good.

I read Job 42 last night before bed. So powerful. And then I shared it with someone today, too. I miss our little girl, but I am so glad it’s a temporal missing. Seems like a lifetime (ha ha ha), but we will meet her, we will have those memories. [sigh]

People are being so kind – Mel and Ian brought dinner over last night. And Gina’s dish was delicious! I had a great hour long talk with Michele –

Mom and I have made/are making a lot of progress in cleaning up the church space and organizing the office area. : D It makes me happy to see something transformed, to feel like I’m adding value somewhere right now. I had fun doing it, and I hope it conveys to Niki how much I love him and how much I miss him.

And the snow – looks right now like this weekend is supposed to be along the lines of that late december storm (where we were shoveling forEVER). Like 12-20″ is what they’re saying now. I’m praying that his flight isn’t delayed, though.

I went shopping with mom and got some new sweaters/shirts. I love them all – my colors, my sizes. Gonna replace a bunch of worn out sweaters I currently wear. The girls (and mom) were making so much fun of me – apparently my wardrobe is SO predictably “traditional.” I don’t see what the big deal is. I like my style. “We know,” they said. Ugh, merciless. But I laughed. And then they had a bright idea – we’re going out for dinner Friday night for Kelly’s bday. And so what she REALLY wants is to dress me up in “stylish” clothes from Jenn’s wardrobe. I’m amused enough to go for it. We’ll take a picture for you!

As for next week, Niki and I are going to take the whole week off together. I am really looking forward to this time – sleeping, silence, long walks, jogs, reading, eating good food, seeing some friends. And even more quiet time. I feel like I need a lot of that right now – time to sit, listen, pray, not be distracted by the phone or by things to do. Just be, you know.