We had the most fun day this past Saturday – a turkey bowl with our church family. Everything from football to a pinata to apple bobbing. It was fantastic!

The apple bobbing probably was my favorite part, though. It was competitive – which made it fun. They had the kids start out – and Button was in the first round. Well, the idea of apple bobbing was totally new to her, so I wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

She totally went for it. She submerged her face, her whole head, her shoulders, and half her torso in the container of water and chased down nearly every apple in there. It was shocking and inspiring all at the same time! How could the grown-ups not follow suit?

Well, we couldn’t – the standard had been set and so we went for it. And we were all totally drenched by the end of it. But I had the best time – I didn’t know apple bobbing could create so many memories!