This past weekend we decorated the house for Christmas. It’s quite the event because I’m quite into this holiday! And the kids love being a part of it – from trimming the tree to setting up decorations around the house. It’s a whole ton of family fun!

There’s a certain candle that I like to display on the back of the toilet in the front entry way. I asked Siah to set it up for me, “Siah? Can you please be Mama’s big helper and go put this behind the toilet? That would REALLY help me!” He was all too happy to be picked for this important task – usually Sister cuts him off at the pass for any oppotunity to be the big helper.

The kids also helped decorate the tree. Some friends and I spent the kids’ naptime hanging all the breakable ornaments and we reserved the heavy or “unbreakable” ornaments for them. They were so excited when they came downstairs and saw a whole table filled with ornaments just for them! And, my kids never cease to amaze me – they were even able to break one of the unbreakable ornaments! Alas, it was a small price to pay for a great memory and an exciting day.

At the end of the day, I pulled out the tinsel and asked them to hang it one strand at a time on each branch. Button has done this before, so she jumped right in. And Siah caught on fast. They looked so precious standing there, backlit by the Christmas lights, carefully hanging strands of tinsel on the tree.

That was the last moment of peace I recall. I stepped out of the house to set the trash at the curb, and when I came back in, the kids were tearing through the house chasing each other with globs of tinsel. There were clumps of tinsel all over the tree, the kitchen, and the carpet. UNBELIEVABLE. Yeah, that took about half an hour to clean up. And I suspect I’ll find strands of tinsel lingering around the house in April… Around 20 minutes into it, Button looked at me and said, “See, Mama, it’s no big deal – we’re cleaning it up! You’re not still mad at us, are you?” Awww – what a sweetie.

And last night I got a good laugh – my eye caught something in the bathroom in the front entry way. Tucked away behind the base of the toilet where you could hardly see it was that certain candle I had asked Siah to display. Apparently he took the “go put this behind the toilet” literally! Hahahaha!