Sometimes discernment works through our 5 senses – like seeing something or hearing something. More often, though, it works through a more general, less obvious “feeling.” For example, when we pray for people, we rarely “see” something afflicting them. Instead, we get a word, like “anxiety,” or we begin to feel anxious ourselves — seemingly out of the blue.

When you’re “picking up on something” bad in the spiritual world, it’s often just a sign that your spiritual discernment is being honed and the veil between the visible and invisible dimensions is thinner than normal.

God has given us spiritual weapons with which to fight our spiritual enemy – fasting, praying, declaring, and believing. When you get uncomfortable feelings in the middle of the night, praying – and particularly in the name of Jesus and in a spirit language – is the most effective thing you can do. It could be an attack, or it could be the Lord waking you up to say, “now’s the time to fight.” When this happens, we don’t lose sleep, we gain ground.