As defined by Webster’s — Witch·craft: 1 a : the use of sorcery or magic b : communication with the devil or with a familiar; 2 : an irresistible influence or fascination.

Well, this expanded my understanding of what the Bible means when it talks about witchcraft. It’s more than just potions and spells, it’s also communicating with the devil (demons) and departed spirits (ghosts, memories of people, etc.) and it’s an irresistible influence or fascination. Wow – like a mind or emotion addiction! Which reminds me of how I once responded to homicide investigations – irresistibly and unusually fascinated with the entire subject (my unusual fascination is the main reason why I’m not a homicide detective this day). It also reminds me of how many people respond to the current series, Twilight.

But on to another recent revelation: There is a link between drugs and witchcraft. Our word “pharmacy,” for example, comes from the Latin word pharmakon, which means “magic charm” or “poison.” Perhaps this explains why many people who have used illegal drugs experience demonic oppression. Perhaps this also explains why things of “witchcraft” (see above) are so addictive — like a drug. And why God is so unwavering about people avoiding witchcraft, even to the point that He considers witchcraft to be an abomination.