There. I said it. The “H” word!

Ugh, those blasted hormones. One of those things women have to deal with a whole lot. And perpetually! Once we think we’ve got it down, our bodies “change” and we’ve got to start all over.

I had a hormone week recently. I got so mad in a meeting that I was clenching my teeth so hard they hurt for days. It wasn’t until DAYS later that I realized why: hormones.

See, here’s the thing about me and hormones: they don’t come regularly, which means they aren’t predictable – in timing, effect, or intensity. So basically, I don’t know when a hormone is going to show up and whether it’s going to be Weepy Wilma, Overly Empathetic Emily, or I’m-Gonna-Chop-Off-Your-Head Thelma. I can go for months without any classic “hormonal” signs, and then one day start imagining how easy it would be to decapitate someone… And on top of it all, in the moment I am completely oblivious to the fact that this isn’t the “real me.”

And I ain’t the only one! Beth Moore (an awesome Christian teacher) surveyed several hundred women and asked them what the hardest part about being a woman was — many of them listed hormones in their top three.

But you know what else I realized? God made women with hormones — intentionally! They were there from the beginning of Eve’s creation. They weren’t a product of the fall. PMS was not a curse Eve received after she ate of the forbidden fruit.

Which means, hormones must be good. When God made Adam and Eve, and all the rest of creation, He said it was “good.” Everything about pre-sin Eve was good – even her hormones (and her cellulite-prone skin structure)!

So, too, my hormones – as erratic as they are – must be good. God loves our humanity – He loves His creation. My hormones are not “out of His will,” – though, I will admit that they make living in His will more of a challenge!