At Button’s softball practice, Siah spotted some particularly appealing playground equipment a good hike off from the softball field. He really wanted to go play, and I told him he could go – he’s a big boy now, after all.

Well, he made several brave attempts – each one a little farther than the previous – but all ending the same…with Siah returning in tears to me. The last time was the worst, though. He almost made it all the way over there and then started hollering at the top of his lungs, crying his little heart out.
When he got back to the benches, he sobbed in my lap, and said, “MAMA! I LOST MY SUPER POWERS! I CAN’T GO OVER THERE! MY SUPERPOWERS ARE GONE!!!”
I empathized and asked him what he wanted to do.
“I WANT JESUS TO COME DOWN HERE AND GO OVER THERE WITH ME! JESUS!!! JESUS!!!” I don’t know WHAT the other softball parents were thinking at this point.
I told Siah that Jesus was with him – that He gave us His Spirit so that those who believe in Him have the Spirit of Jesus living in them. And the Bible tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us – so He’s with him now.
Siah’s response was simple, “But I can’t see him!” And then again, sobbing, “JESUS!!! JESUS!!!”
Kristen was with us – so I suggested to Siah that Miss Kristen and I go with him to try to find his superpowers again. He liked that idea. He cried the whole long walk but finally got us to the place where he allegedly lost his superpowers. I asked him where they went – into the woods. I reminded him that Jesus was with him, that his powers come from Jesus, that Jesus never left, and that he has all he needs to keep walking. And he did, one step at a time, all the way to the play ground…where he had a big grin on his face!