The morning of Siah’s birthday, I woke him up around 5:45 am. “Siah?” He peered at me through one eye. He HATES getting up early. “Siah?” He closed his eyes and frowned. I told him this was a special day – he was 3 years old! And he could have a choice – either he could sleep in until daddy woke him up for daycare, or he could get up with me and we could go to McDonalds for breakfast before daycare started! Well, he hopped out of bed like he’d been up for hours, ran into Sister’s room, flipped on her light (much to her chagrin), and shouted, “Sistuh, sistuh! I’m fwee years owd and we’re going to McDONALDS!”
And off we went – before dawn and everything. Here’s a picture of them outside – she’s happy and he’s showing all of us how old he is.

Then that night after work, we went out to eat as a family, and Siah got to pick the place. It was a tough call between Chili’s and TGI Fridays (he doesn’t like fast food like most kids, I guess). In the end he picked Fridays. The wait staff came out and sang him happy birthday. He was so excited, but also embarrassed, and he hid his face behind Niki’s arm. Here’s photos of him hiding, then eating the ice cream.

And here’s our big Fwee-year-old! Happy Birthday, Siah!