Yesterday, I got my hair done. I mean, I got it DONE! Here’s a little bit of the background on all this –

First, I LOVE my hair stylist, Fred. He runs Colors Progressive Salon on Capitol Hill in DC (202-543-1963). I’ve been having my hair “done” for 20 years. And by “done” I mean foil weave highlighted, cut, and styled. It’s a labor of love, for sure. And in 20 years, Fred is hands down without a doubt the BEST hair stylist I’ve had. Like, in the world. One friend of mine used to schedule her visits to see me based on when she was due to be “done” just so she could go to Fred, too. Smart!

Second, one of my “things” is to grow my hair out and then donate it to Locks of Love – an organization that takes hair donations and makes them into wigs for cancer patients (most of the recipients are kids). It takes me about 2.5 years to do this (you must send at least 10 inches of hair), but it’s something that’s important to me. I believe my hair is a crown of glory from the Lord (that’s what the good book says!) and I believe in giving from what He has given me. Plus, I like long hair, I’m blessed with a lot of it, and it’s so rewarding to help others in this way.

So, yesterday was the big day!!! I’ve been waiting for a year for this (the last year is always the most challenging). It was so exhilarating to get my hair cut, but also a bit heart-palpitating! Feeling those scissors cut off all that hair! All those months of time! I was excited about it, but still!!! I couldn’t help but think of Samson when his enemies cut off his hair and robbed him completely of all his God-given strength – his heart must have died a thousand deaths in that moment. Mine only paused.

Ah, but then the sweetness of my new do! I love it! Here are the pictures:


AFTER (what you see is all that is there; and this is FRED!!!)