God’s words:

  • Are spontaneous, not cognitive or analytical., They “arrive,” like listening to someone else in conversation. They don’t “arrive” as a result of you reasoning from information you know.
  • Are expressed through our personalities and style of speech.
  • Come easily as God speaking in the first person.
  • Often are light and gentle, and easily cut off by any exertion of self (our own thoughts, will, etc.)
  • Have an unusual content to them, in that they will be wiser, more healing, more loving, and more motive-oriented than your thoughts.
  • Cause a special reaction in you, such as a sense of excitement, conviction, faith, life, awe, or peace, assuming you have taken a step of faith and believe that what you are hearing is from the God who flows within.
  • When embraced, carry with them a fullness of strength to perform them, as well as a joy in doing so.

Four keys to hearing God’s voice are:

  1. Recognize that you will hear God’s voice as spontaneous thoughts which light upon your mind
  2. Quiet yourself so that you can hear God’s voice
  3. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Look for vision as you pray.
  4. Ask God a question. Then listen and write down the flow of thoughts and pictures that come to you.

(Taken from How to Hear God’s Voice by the Virklers)