We’re at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. This is an amazing place – a perfect getaway for our family. From the shows for the kids, to the stately room and spectacular tv for Niki, to the indoor waterpark for me – it couldn’t get any better. Oh yes, and the SONIC RIGHT DOWN THE STREET, right next to the SUPER WAL-MART! I can’t even express how excited I am!!!

Yesterday was pool day and arts and crafts day. We spent over 3 hours swimming and then did arts and crafts that afternoon in the adorable kids’ room they have here (so many ideas for building out a children’s church room!). The kids made Christmas ornaments (I didn’t even strongarm them into doing it!) and tye die t-shirts, which we’ll pick up today. For dinner, we had breakfast! Siah embraced the idea, but Button was suspicious and not totally on board: “WHAT? We don’t do that – we don’t eat breakfast for dinner!” After some coaxing, she got into it, though. After all, it’s vacation!
Today, the plan is to swim, swim, brunch, swim. And then go to Colonial Williamsburg. On this day 9 years ago, Niki proposed to me. And for dinner that night, we went to a restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg to celebrate. So tonight, we’re all going to the same restaurant! It will be so neat to be there on the same evening – and to share that with the kids!