I’m more of a destination person than a journey person. A lot more. Always have been. I prefer getting there than road tripping. I prefer the last page of the book than the hundred before it. I prefer being sanctified than going through the process of sanctification…(I think).

Lots of people have tried to persuade me to “just enjoy the journey!” But it’s been futile. I’ve never come across a compelling case for becoming a journey person rather than a destination person.
Until now. I had my massage this week – an annual to bi-annual indulgence that I looooooovvvee. And as I was laying there, totally relaxed, I found myself regretting how quickly it would all end. It’s been 2 years since the last massage…and this one’s going to be over before I know it! I focused on every hand stroke, every pressure point, to make sure I was getting the absolute most out of every second of the … journey.
That’s when I realized I had come across my compelling reason: I prefer the journey of the massage rather than the destination of a fully massaged body. Absolutely! I’d rather have my back rubbed for hours than walk out of the spa with a rubbed back.
And that must be somewhat like how God thinks of it. He’s more journey-oriented, after all. Which is why He is “faithful to complete the good work He began in you.” (If it were me, you wouldn’t need the assurance that I’d be faithful to complete it — I would have already completed it!) That’s also why He tells us to live in the present and enjoy it – without care for the past or concern for the future. He must think of day-to-day life as another trip to the spa for a great massage. I want to think of it that way, too.