We were driving home in the car and Button made a good observation about something. “Good connection, Button!” Niki said.

“I know, Daddy. I know everything!” she responded.
We laughed, and then Niki said, “She gets that from you.”
“No, you,” I said.
We did this back and forth a couple times until Button interrupted us: “Stop fighting, you two!”
“We’re not fighting,” we said.
“Yes you are! Daddy, you’re mommy’s husband. Mommy, you’re daddy’s wife. You two never fight! Stop fighting!!!” She was saying serious things, but she was saying it with a funny voice, making us laugh in the process.
“We’re not fighting, Button,” Niki replied. “We’re playing with each other.”
“What?!?!” she asked, totally joking. “There’s no playing in this family!” Then she paused for an appropriately comedic period and said, “JUST KIDDING!”
We were laughing so hard. Our Little Miss Funny back there!