Hi Kelly,

Before too much time goes by, I just wanted to say a HUUUUGE thank you for this weekend. I can’t imagine what a huge sacrifice it is for your family to give up your weekends like this and minister to us. And in fact, you are one of the ONLY families I know on earth who ministers like you do. Most people I know who get married and have a family (and get all of their relationship needs met) do NOT reach out to refresh others. It’s truly unbelievable and a real mark of your selfless love for others that you would do all of this (and a true example to me!!).

Second, I wanted to encourage you with some things I heard this weekend. J. was telling me that “words cannot even describe what Kelly has done and been for us.” And T. was telling me that you, Kelly, are “such an amazing example” to the women in the church and that they are so lucky to have you. She said that you set an incredible example of finding things in yourself that need to be fixed, confessing them and then detiminedly charging ahead and not tiring until you fix them. It was so clear just by watching that you guys have had a HUGE impact on the lives of the women in your congregation. There was not a dry eye in the whole room during the prophecy testimonies!!

Third, you are such a smart and gifted speaker. Man, are you so good on your feet and so eloquent, it’s totally amazing. You are such a great picture of feminine strength.

Fourth, I can’t tell you how refreshed I was this weekend. I didn’t say much (for me, maybe compared to the average person), but I felt so able to relax and just observe, which was a huge blessing for me. I was so so SOOOO ministered to by the sun, the boat cruise, walks, just sitting in your house, it was great. [I don’t really have family that I can visit like that, so God was meeting a true need in me].

Fifth, Niki is SUCH a gifted pastor. It’s amazing how, when he’s speaking with someone one on one, they stop in their spirits and listen to him. It’s a mirror image of what Jesus says “my sheep hear my voice.” Niki’s words are so soothing; people drop everything when he counsels one on one to hang on his words. I really love it! I don’t care what he says, I see him as being VERY patient and compassionate with the sheep.

Also, I was so so so so sooo convicted by the huge example of S. I will need to tell him that, but I wanted to just confirm him because his evident time in the presence of God really ministered to me: both directly and indirectly. I now have a great picture of what I want to be like from time I could spend alone in the presence of God.

Anyway, I cannot believe how great you guys are doing, responding to the Lord’s call and seeking Him more than almost anyone I know. I just KNOOOOOOW that he is going to take you further than you could EVER take yourselves (which is sooooo far!!) I’m amazed at how many “talents” you invest in the Kingdom. It’s amazing. To him whom much is given, even more will be given.

You are such a great sister [and, as they say in Ann of Green Gables, ‘kindred spirit’]!!! I’m so glad I know you!!

thank you thank you!