I recently received this note from a woman in our fellowship who has decided to join our children’s ministry leadership team:

I agree that I need to learn how to teach different audiences, and I do think that it will be outside of my comfort zone and a good challenge. But I also think that children have a pureness about them: 1) they are not pretentious; 2) they do not judge me like the world does; 3) they are usually uninhibited, so I can learn A LOT from them; 3) they are generally incapable of serving me in return. I think these are OK reasons, but in short, I think they will give me more than I give them, and I don’t want to do anything selfishly. What do you think?

Hahaha – what do I THINK? Here’s what I wrote in response:

I totally love and agree with your take on all this! I think it’s exactly in line with scripture. I think your heart is aligned with God’s heart for children – and there’s nothing but awesomeness that can come out of that!