I recently surveyed my entire Bible to identify verses that I previously had marked regarding Christian leadership. In so doing, I came across several verses dated late last year and early this year that were words for me. What was so amazing to me was how directly they spoke to my spiritual journey and experiences over the past 5 months. They totally foreshadowed all that has happened to me! I wish I had paid more attention to them!!! I wish I had blogged them – taking note of the path down which God is leading me. Had those words taken root in my heart, I’m sure they would have positively affected my subsequent journey.

It’s like that story Jesus told about the sower and the seed (which represented the Word of God). The seed that fell on the path, on the rocks, or among the thorns didn’t thrive. But the seed that fell on fertile soil took root and bore much fruit. These words I had received had been lost – they did not take root and therefore were not particularly fruitful.