Button wanted a fish. So we made a deal with her – if she could keep her room spotless for 30 days straight, she will have demonstrated enough personal responsibility to take care of a fish. Well, she did it! And we got her a beta fish that she got to pick out (cheap, cool looking, and easy to take care of). And she named it “Computer.” (I don’t know why.)

Well, Computer quickly became a low maintenance part of our family. And things went really well for several weeks. Until all of a sudden, we didn’t see him one day. “Oh, he’s sleeping,” I explained. Then a second day, “He must be tired,” I said (suspiciously). And the third day…the water is murky, a tail is sticking out from under the fish tank bobbles, and it’s clear what’s happened.

Stupid fish.

So now the big decision – let the kid experience death first-hand and use this as a growing experience on life, loss, and grieving. OR lie to her. We decided to lie.

It just so happened that this all occurred right before the kids and I took a trip to Arizona to see my grandparents. So while we were out, Niki went and got another “Computer.” We cleaned the take, put him in, and whaddya know? Button’s none the wiser.

Computer model 2.0. I wonder what model we’ll be on when she leaves for college?