Button, Siah, and I had quite the tickle fest last night. It started when Siah decided to streak through the family room and I chased him upstairs, tickling him. When he would get away from me, he would shake his bottom, taunting me, and saying “shake my booty! shake my booty!” I have no idea where he got that from, but I was laughing so hard it didn’t matter.

When I was trying to get him ready for bed, he would keep wiggling away from me – determined to stay in his birthday suit. And then he’d go right back to the booty shakin‘ taunt. Well, after awhile, enough was enough. But he’s strong enough now that I couldn’t keep him still long enough to get his jammies on. He’s wiggle and squirm, and then he was right back to shakin it. I was laughing so hard.

Button jumped in on the fun, too. She would tackle me (rough girl I’ve got) and tickle me herself. I tried to pit them against each other (C’mon, sister! Let’s get brother!), but it didn’t work. Instead, they got ME!

We had such fun – definitely a memory to last a lifetime.