Our church is going through a transition right now. We’re moving out of our home and into a building, but that’s just a physical representation of what’s going on spiritually. Spiritually, we’re going deeper. We’re maturing.

Our mission is to Love, Liberate, Lead, and Launch. While individuals have been at different parts of that process throughout, I believe our church has been in a predominately “Love” season for awhile. But now we’re moving deeper into other areas of our mission statement. We’re moving past love into other areas as well.

This means God’s doing big stuff within individuals, between people, in our individual ministries, and with the church as a whole. It’s kinda like when a rocket ship takes off for outer space — there’s a lot of power, movement, and noise, and we’re about to break through. There’s healings happening, there’s hearts being examined by God, there’s reconciliation occurring, there’s peacemaking going on, there’s repentance, there’s withstanding the enemy’s attacks, and there’s exciting new things happening.

Another picture God gave me for where we are as a body went like this: it’s like we’ve been snorkeling – swimming in an untamed sea and enjoying the wonders all around us. But now we’re starting to deep dive. It takes a lot more work. It takes a lot more equipment (or, in our case, equipping). And it’s not as easy or aesthetically pleasing as snorkeling. But, it’s the depths of the sea that hold the greatest mysteries and the greatest wonders, experienced by the few who are faithful and brave enough to venture there.

We could stay a shallow church. But I’m glad that we’re committed to going deeper and experiencing the true things of God.