We took the kids swimming again this weekend. There was a super water slide that Button wanted to slide down, but she was required to take a swim test…again! This time, though, she had to swim all the way down the lane AND BACK. She did it, and Niki got to see her do it, too! It left her pretty tired, though – she couldn’t go down the slide as many times as she would have liked. When she was barely swimming – just with her head bobbing above water – I shouted to her to swim on her back. Button interpreted this as spinning in circles, which she did all the way until she got to the wall. At first I thought she was being funny, but then – after about 3 minutes of this – I realized that she had no idea what swimming on her back meant. LOL!

Siah had an incredible pool day as well. It was the first time he swam without holding onto me or someone else. I put a full life vest on him and gave him a kick board. He was so excited about his new found pool freedom that he kept saying to me, “No, Mama! I can do it by mySELF!” It was awesome to see him finally learn to control his core stability instead of losing balance in the water, flopping over onto his back like a helpless turtle, and then sinking below the water with a panicked look on his face. Hopefully those days are over!