Siah has been becoming more and more “boy” lately.  He growls and charges at me, throwing his arms around me to tackle me.  I love rough housing with him.  But he’s getting stronger [sometimes he hurts me].  And it occurred to me that it would be better sooner than later to instill in him the value that men are supposed to protect, care for, and lay their lives down for women…not charge and tackle them.  : D

So I had a talk with Niki, and we agreed on an approach to take with Siah.  I told Siah that he couldn’t wrestle with me any more because he’s too strong.  Since he’s been growing muscles so quickly, sometimes he hurts me.  And boys aren’t supposed to hurt girls.  They’re supposed to protect and take care of girls.  In fact, daddies are supposed to lay their lives down for mommies.
Siah started to looked grieved — he’s deeply sensitive to things that hurt or upset us.  I quickly affirmed him and said he hadn’t made any mistakes, but think of daddy and how daddy treats mommy.  
“Does daddy wrestle with mommy or hurt her?”
“Does daddy protect mommy from bad guys?”
 [Smiling], “Yes!”  
“You’re like daddy.  And you can protect mommy, too.  And when you need to practice beating bad guys, you can practice with daddy, okay?”
He was SO excited.  He ran right off and charged daddy.