Church: Mount Vernon Foursquare in Alexandria, Virginia ( We church planted in November 2006. So far, services have been held in our home, but we will be moving into a building by Easter. I love doing church ministry, serve as a co-pastor, and wish I could be more involved. But recently God has been leading me to become more “invisible” in the church (not to be confused with “inactive”) and has revealed to me that my ministry and Niki’s are not one in the same – mine is different, and I’m in training for it, but I don’t know much more than that…

My heart in ministry: joining people in their spiritual journeys, children’s ministry, mentoring/discipling/raising up future ministry leaders, healing

Things I love: Scrapbooking, writing (blogs, journals, etc.), photography, laughing, hot-tubbing, outdoor activities, movies, singing (a true passion, but apparently I don’t sound so good…)

Most embarrassing moment: There have been so many…it’s hard to choose just one! Recently, though, I watched a video of me competing in a karaoke contest at work…that was when I realized what everyone has told me my whole life – I’m a terrible singer. But unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until after “singing” in front of hundreds of people. Truly humiliating!

Speaking of work: I currently work as an attorney for the federal government.

If I Could Travel Anywhere: Alaska (where I grew up), Israel, Congo (Niki’s family is from there)

Struggles/Weaknesses (God’s working on me to delight in my weaknesses [nervous laugh]): 1) Productive-aholism (like workaholism, but not with my job – more with church and house chores; I’m focusing on pursuing rest instead); 2) Perfectionism (focusing on grace); 3) Pride (I detest even saying this, but that’s what it is. It takes a lot of forms – one of them is relying on myself and my abilities instead of God and the fact that He gave me the abilities – if I just do more, try harder, don’t make any mistakes, then I can determine the outcome. God’s broken me several times this past year by taking me to a place where “I can’t”. So, here I am, focusing on laying down my pride).

Dream(s): That an unprecedented spiritual revival would sweep through this nation and I would not be on the periphery of it; that God’s spirit of adoption would spread like fire and all orphans will be placed into families; to run a youth camp (perhaps with a strong orphan focus?); to stay at home with my kids, home school them, and do ministry full time.