Here is a note I received following our Servant Leader Conference last weekend. I have yet to blog on the weekend in order to give this note context, but I wanted to capture it while I remembered —

Hey Kelly!

Was thinking about this weekend and what pastor Daniel prayed over you and thought I’d share.

You said that God was tearing down all of the things in your life that you use to identify yourself – all those bastions of pride that have been lurking about…you really can’t move on your own. Pastor Daniel said that you were going to have to take the roads less traveled now – you’re moving into unchartered territory…your usual fixes aren’t going to work, and you don’t know how to move ahead or where to go…maybe you’re blind, deaf, and dumb at the moment because God needs you to really understand that you are totally dependent on Him – even in areas that you normally excel – it’s ALL His…not just that….when you move on your own or in the familiar territory, you get some of the glory…now you can’t move at all, and God is the only one who’s going to make things happen…AND He’s the only one getting the glory this time around. I don’t know if this is true for you, but in my life, it’s really easy to say “To God be the glory” and “I’ll go wherever I’m told to go”…but when push comes to shove, that’s a WHOLE lot easier said than done. You are being humbled and brought to your knees in a very real way – God is the only stronghold of your life, and He alone will pull you through, and He alone will get the credit – just like the Israelites in the desert!!! You are being brought low so that God can raise you up, and He will be glorified in the raising…not you. That’s powerful stuff.