15.  Creating my own special dessert recipe: peanut butter white chocolate bars.  Hello?  Heaven?
14.  Watching the amazing Christmas light show put on at a local house.
13.  After Christmas deals – I was out of control in Michaels!
12.  Being free of work for TWELVE DAYS (truly the 12 days of Christmas for me!)
11.  Eating at an incredible Ethiopian restaurant with my family and some friends.
10. Opening thoughtful, perfect, and unexpected gifts from loved ones on Christmas day.
9.  Getting spoiled by my parents.  Really, really spoiled.
8.  Getting my nails done with my family.  And the laughs my sister and I had when we misread something mom mouthed to us.
7.  Watching planes take off, seeing the rocket ships, and going to the Flying show in the IMAX theater at the Air & Space Museum.  Siah was so excited!
6. Helping to provide food and Christmas gifts to the homeless of DC (we sponsored a local family and we assisted with a Christmas for the Homeless event)
5 and 1/2.  Relaxing at Nana and Kaku’s house – with caroling, walking, eating, going to the club, going to Cracker Barrel, hot tubbing, swimming, eating, playing games, watching movies, and eating.
5.  Niki’s new car!  (A gift from his parents)  WOW!!!
4.  Laughing so hard I nearly cried at a lunch with my mom and sister at the National Harbor.
3.  Time with Button and Siah in general – from cuddling, to laughing, to playing, to riding in their new red mini mustang outside, to watching An American Tale, to watching them open all their gifts at Christmas – I cherish every moment with them!
2.  Mom and I throwing loose change on the ground for my sister to pick up (sometimes giddily, sometimes resentfully) because it “just made her day!”
1.  Best gift of the year: the personalized ornament I gave my mom last year to tell her what country we decided to adopt from.  It says, “Ethiopia” across the center of it.  Imagine my surprise when I opened it this year!