On 12/5/08, I received word that our dossier was sent to Ethiopia!

“Hi Kelly! Good news going into the weekend. Your dossier was sent to Ethiopia today! Congratulations!! ~ Kristin”

Now the official “waiting time” begins. It seems like it’s been so long already. I really hope this goes quickly from here. I am starting to feel a bit panicky again – will we ever see our child? How long, oh Lord?! I take comfort in knowing that this is His plan and His timing is perfect. But sometimes the emotional roller coaster is difficult!

I turned my blog “private” when I received word that the dossier was sent. The Ethiopian government is known to check prospective parents’ blogs. I don’t believe anything in my blog would concern them, but I didn’t want to risk it – something could easily be misinterpreted and it would jeopardize our entire application. This child means too much to me; it wasn’t worth the risk.

So until this child is safely tucked into the bed upstairs, my blog will remain private.

Let’s hope it’s not too long!