Some more tips for teaching the Bible:

  • Talk slowly. It makes it easier for your audience to follow you. Remember – this likely is the first time they have heard this material or thought about this passage.
  • Incorporate as much audience participation as possible. For information they can figure out themselves, lead them by asking them questions (the Socratic method) and let them answer – preferably aloud. If it’s not appropriate for the audience to answer questions aloud, provide them an opportunity to participate by filling in blanks in an outline. This facilitates application and understanding of the material. Think of all the leading questions Jesus posed, and use that as your model.
  • When preparing to teach on a passage, if another passage of Scripture comes to mind for some reason – or is referred to in a commentary you are studying – then study that passage, too. Chances are God is revealing a truth to you for you to pass on to your audience. There will be some connection in that passage to the deeper truth/message He wants to communicate through the passage you are teaching on.
  • If you aren’t or have not applied it, don’t teach it. It’s got to be relevant to what you’ve been through – and ideally, to what you presently are going through.