In the early morning of November 15, 2008, Bubby went to be with the Lord. I am so thankful that I got to say goodbye to her the day before, and to tell her what she meant to me and to so many others. And that the kids got to give her lots of kisses and tell her goodbye themselves.

Bubby’s passing has been really hard for me. But Button made some comments on the morning of the 15th that have lifted my spirits over these last several days.

After the kids got up that morning, Niki pulled them together and said he needed to talk with them. He told them Bubby had gone to heaven last night.

Button asked, “How did she get there, Daddy?”

“Jesus came and got her in the middle of the night and took her there,” he said.

Button was surprised. “We didn’t see him, Daddy!!!” she said, as if Jesus were like Santa Claus.

He laughed, “No, I know you didn’t. He came when you were sleeping.”

Button paused. Then this look of great excitement came over her face. “Daddy?! Is Bubby going to see Moses and Noah and Samson??!!”

He laughed again, “Yes, Button. I suppose she already has seen them.”

Button was now bubbling over with enthusiasm. “Oh, I just can’t WAIT until I get to go to Heaven, too!”

“Yes, in due time, Button. We’ll all see them.”