I want to write more on this later, but it was really important for me to capture this today: This morning I submitted the final documents for our dossier. I previously had submitted it in September, but had to re-do a couple of them, including apply for a whole new passport. I finally finished everything and got it formalized. So today was it. Today was the big day.

Assuming there are no more issues with the paperwork, we now begin the process of waiting for our child.

Oh, yes, and today is my sister’s birthday. There’s just something really special for me about that – for the paperwork to be finished and for this concept to become a reality on the day one of the most special people in the world was born. It could have happened any time, but it happened on one of the best days of the year. I didn’t plan it this way, but I have a sneakin’ hunch that God did. It’s like this child is already a part of our family – even sharing our special days – and s/he is not even here yet!

But s/he will be soon. With great expectation, I will wait.