The other day I overheard Siah speaking to Button saying, “Button?  Button?” real innocently.  But she was angrier than a hornet, accusing him of “antagonizing” her.  When I asked her what she was so upset about, she said, “Siah is calling me Button!  He’s not supposed to call me Button!”

I was so confused.  “But that’s your name.  What do you think he’s supposed to call you?”
“He’s supposed to call me ‘Sistah.’  He’s not supposed to call me Button.  Only Mama and Dadda call me ‘Button.'” 
She had a point.  I never noticed before, but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard him call her by her name.  He’s called her “Sistah” for the longest time – possibly even forever.
So I corrected him – he was calling her “Button” just to get to her, and that wasn’t acceptable.  Even if it was her name.  : D