Lately, there have been several times when I’ve asked Button to help clean something at home, and she has responded by frowning at the unfairness of the request and saying, “Mama.  You’re making me like Cinderella when you keep asking me to clean, clean, clean all the time.  I’m your Cinderella!”

After one of these incidents, I sat her down to explain a few things to her.  First, she is not the only one doing work.  I’m doing work.  Daddy does work.  And Siah does work.  We all do work.  Not just her.  Second, that’s what it means to be family – we all help each other.  We all clean up.  We work as a team.  And third, that “Cinderella” attitude is a mark of self-pity and ingratitude.  And Jesus doesn’t like self-pity or ingratitude.  We are to be content, not complaining, and thankful.  So I didn’t want to hear any more of that Cinderella stuff again.  Understood?
She understood, and smiled.  And that was the last I heard of my own little Cinderella.