Regarding Disney with a 4-year-old and 2-year-old:

— Make reservations in advance (and asap) for any sit down restaurants you may want to go to. This requires having some idea of what parks you will visit on which days. The dining line and restaurant descriptions are online.

— We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. All were amazing. The kids liked Magic Kingdom the most.

— Take the monorail – it’s a cool “train” experience for boys

— At Magic Kingdom, we got reservations for breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella’s Table. We met 5 princesses and took pictures and ate a great meal. I loved it, and so did both the kids. It’s more a girl thing, though.

— Denali loved Splash Mt. and other “I just turned 4, I can go on these” rides.

— See the shows – Lion King and Nemo at Animal Kingdom were faves, as was Disney Channel/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at Hollywood Studios.

— I recommend the meal plan, but also pack/purchase snacks. You can go cheap by taking bread and PB&J with you in the park and snacking through. The meal plan didn’t cover ‘everything’ we wanted, but it was enough. Supplements were necessary, though.

— Take/rent a stroller. Easy way to carry stuff, if not kids.

— Recommend Tusker House in Animal Kingdom and DEFINITELY the dine with the characters diner in Hollywood Studios (we stayed there for 2 hours meeting and playing with Playhouse Disney characters)

— Skip the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom

— Do the safari adventure at Animal Kingdom (that was really cool!)

— Skip Caspian at Hollywood Studios

— Kids loved Fantasmic, but they also got scared (especially Siah).

— They loved, loved, loved the fireworks. And the rides that went “high” like the Dumbo ride, the rockets in Tomorrowland, etc.

— I love the blues restaurant at Marketplace Disney. And the Ghiradelli ice cream shop. We ate at Planet Hollywood 3 times – it was good, too. The kids loved all the stuff there.

— Pictures with the characters were a huge hit.