The kids picked out a pumpkin yesterday at a local farm, and today we carved it up together.  Button had a great idea – she saw a pumpkin pattern online to cut out Jonah sitting inside a whale.  She was really excited about it, but once I taped it on the pumpkin, it looked too complicated.  So I convinced her to just cut out a face.  : D

Button drew out a face – two lopsided eyes, a quadrangular funky nose, and a really big smile.  Then I helped guide her hand as she cut it out.  Then we added eyelashes (she wanted it to be a girl) and ears.  Siah also got to put a face on the other side of the pumpkin.  He drew big eyes, a quadrangular nose, and a smile – but I added a single tooth to it.  Then we cut it out together, too.
Their favorite parts of the whole experience were pulling fistfuls of pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin (“EWWW!” “DISGUSTING!”) and lighting the candle in the middle of the pumpkin, capping its lid, standing back, and admiring their work.
I think this is the first pumpkin carving we’ve done together.  In years past, we stuck to painting them or skipping the whole thing altogether.  I’m not big into the spooky, creepy, evil part of Halloween.  But this was more of a harvest celebration – happy faces on the pumpkin, and an unbeatable family memory.