On Sunday, we had a Town Hall meeting with our congregation to discuss areas in which our church is strong, areas in which we could be stronger, and ideas for things to maintain or change. We have a professional organizational facilitator in our congregation, and she facilitated the Town Hall to ensure that it achieved our objectives and allowed everyone to participate meaningfully.

I thought it went really well. People were very engaged (more than I expected) and that the ideas that came out of it were helpful and confirmations of things that Niki and I had been picking up. That was especially encouraging.

After church, though, two things happened – I got nailed with an acute stomach ache, but I really wanted to go to our new building and be with people so I toughed it out. I’m sure it showed, though. It was very painful. The second thing is I think I kicked into Administrator gear – my mind was racing through all the things to do to implement the ideas that came out of the Town Hall meeting. I think both tied together to give the impression that I was discouraged, but I wasn’t (fortunately!). I left some people in the church with the idea that I didn’t want to be with them or that I was upset about the Town Hall. I regret that.

On a brighter note, I am looking forward with expectation to the next chapter in our church story. I’m ready to see energy, enthusiasm, and engagement from everyone in our church — that everyone feels empowered, valued, and inspired to go deeper and deeper in their walks with God. And after the Town Hall on Sunday, I believe we’re on the cusp of that.