A friend recently relayed an incredible spiritual experience – one of those highs that deepens your faith, inspires you, and fills you with a childlike enthusiasm for all things God. I love those! I long to live in those moments all the time. [Which is one of the reasons I am so involved in ministry, I suppose]

Any case, something I noticed in this story was that my friend had been praying for this moment for 10 months. His heart had been burdened in this area almost a year prior, and he did something about it. Rather than just let it pass by, he set in place a spiritual discipline (regularly praying for this moment) that resulted in this monumental experience.

Looking back, it was easy to see that his fervent prayers equipped him for “such a time as this” and, in fact, brought it to pass. Even though he didn’t plan for the moment and he couldn’t have predicted what it would look like if he tried, he believed in faith for it – which is why he kept praying.

All this got me thinking – what are my spiritual goals? If I want to live in those kind of moments all the time, what do I want those moments to look like/be about? What am I going to do now to believe and prepare for those moments? What burdens has God put on my heart that I’ve just dismissed, along with the monumental experiences that could have resulted if I’d taken them to heart and done something about them?

If you don’t write your goals down, there’s a 90% chance you won’t accomplish them. I hope to identify these goals and write them down (blog them) once I do. And I look forward to sharing my innumerable monumental experiences that will occur as a result!