Niki and I went to see Fireproof together on one of our date days. It’s a moderately-budgeted, film with an openly Christian message. I was impressed by the believability of the plot, the truth of the message, and the sense of hope with which I left. I admit it, I laughed and I cried. Mostly because I could relate. But then, anyone who’s been married can.

The movie is about a successful, albeit self-centered, fireman (Kirk Cameron) and the dissolution of his marriage. His marriage has issues, but not gargantuan ones – believable, realistic ones that are not unlike the issues every couple faces. But he and his wife didn’t handle them well, and, long story short, they call it quits.

Enter fireman’s concerned parents, who recently became followers of Jesus. Dad challenges son to fight for his marriage rather than just let it dissolve. Fireman agrees to challenge, and the movie follows his efforts to win back the love of his wife. In the process, he has setbacks, he reaches the end of his rope, and he learns firsthand about the unending love of Jesus.

I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I won’t divulge any more details. But I will say that this was one of my favorite movies of the year and it was a great date movie! These are the kind of movies I love – wholesome, enriching, inspirational, and life-changing. I loved it!