The highlight of our trip to Florida was when we had breakfast with the princesses in Cinderella’s castle. After meeting and taking a picture with Cinderella when you arrive, you walk up the spiral staircase into the 2nd floor of the castle where a royal dining room awaits you. Throughout breakfast, 4 more princesses come by your table to talk and take pictures: Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine.

In all the times I’ve been to Disney World (more than I can count), I’ve never done this – or even heard about it. Someone tipped me off to it before we left, and I worked like the dickens to get a reservation for it (they book up 6 months in advance). By the grace of God, we got in.

We waited a long time in line to see Cinderella. Button could hardly contain her enthusiasm – it was really hard for her to wait. Siah, on the other hand, seemed curious about all that was going on, but was largely interested in playing with his Siah-size guitar (which I brought along for a highly desired scrapbook photo of him playing at Pirates of the Caribbean).

When it was our turn, Button approached Cinderella excitedly but bashfully. Just as she was getting close, though, Siah ran up, cut her off, and began playing a fervent, serious version of “Blessed Be Your Name.” He was intense and determined to impress the princess. She was quite wowed, and she oohed and aahed over him. But when she tried to move on to photo time, he refused. Instead, he insisted that she (and the other 30 on-lookers) listen to the entire rest of the song. It was so precious!

After pictures (which Siah resented, as always – I suspect he feels taking photos of him playing the guitar trivializes his “art”), we went upstairs for breakfast. Button had delightful conversations with all the princesses, including Cinderella. Her favorite conversation was with Belle – she asked about the Beast, her Papa, the castle, and where her pretty dress was. And Siah made a point to play his guitar for every princess that came by. Of course, they were all quite impressed with him.

Also, Button received a magic wishing wand and Siah received a knight’s sword.

I’m not sure how much food the kids ate, but this breakfast was the best part of the trip for them! Just yesterday I showed Siah a photo of him and Cinderella, and he recounted the whole event, complete with a snippet from “Blessed Be Your Name,” sung as ferociously as he sang it that day!