Yesterday at 6pm the kids and I left for Disney. Packed up the minivan and headed out. We took a long way so we could pick up Niki at Foursquare’s Crosspointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, VA. We arrived there around 1030 at night, said hi to some friends who he had been at a conference with, used the restroom, and hit the road again.

Niki drove the hard part – 11pm to 330am. And I drove the rest. The kids were amazing!!! The traffic was great and we made good time. And it was long – I have a new appreciation for how long the nighttimes are, and consequently, how much time God gives us for rest each day. And I also now know what they mean by “it’s always darkest right before dawn.” How true!

We arrived at our dear friends’ house, Neha and Kent, at 9am. We were tired, but had the most fun and relaxing day swimming, eating great food, dancing, re-living memories, going to the park, and napping. The best part about meeting up with close friends is jumping right into deep relationship and talks that encourage, build up, create memories, and warm the soul. It was the perfect end to a great drive!