This morning I was praying [crying] to God about crushed dreams. More specifically, my heart yearns to be doing ministry full time and it seems like that’s forever away. So I feel like my dream has been crushed.

Well, no sooner did I speak [sob] the words, “Lord, I just feel like my dream has been crushed, and it’s killing me” did this thought pop into my head: That’s funny. Because when I look around, I see a lot of your dreams coming true.

Now, it might have been me, or it might have been God, but I’ll tell you – I stopped sobbing and started listening.

I see your adoption about to go through and you about to hold your adoptive child in your arms – a child you’ve longed for going on 10 years. And you didn’t think that would happen for another 20 years.

Hmm. Good point. [choked sob]

I see the church about to move into a building, something you thought would never happen. You looked for a year, and nothing was in the right spot, in the right layout, or for the right price. And now, here it is.

Yeah, you’re right.

I see you getting to do a lot of God-stuff at work, between fellowships, and bible studies, and rewarding spiritual conversations with people you care about. Wasn’t that something you desperately wanted and thought would never happen?

Yes – oh, I hadn’t thought of that. That is a huge answer to prayer.

I see you knowing your dreams and your calling, and moving in them. Remember when you were crying not too long ago about not having any dreams or even knowing what your purpose was? You asked for those dreams to be awakened in you. Now here you are with all kinds of dreams you’re passionate about. And you’re getting to act on them, even though not as completely as you’d like to….yet.

[no more tears]

Kelly, I know your dreams. And I love giving them to you. I’ve done the impossible with your dreams already. Don’t you think I can do it again?

[big smile]

Thanks, God.