So Button often sees things in the spiritual realm that others do not see. This often goes hand-in-hand with a prophetic or perceiver gifting. But sometimes it gets stifled in childhood because adults don’t believe the child and think they’re making it up. So the child starts ignoring it, tuning it out, and convincing herself that what she sees is not really there. And soon the gift goes. The lack of faith stifles the gift.

A friend of mine, Dawn, also saw saw things in the spiritual realm when she was a child, and the Button stories are very familiar to her. She encouraged me to talk to Button, explain her gifting, and encourage her in it so that she would not be discouraged every time she saw something and I didn’t.

So I sat down with Button on her bed and told her I needed to tell her a secret. That got her full attention! Then I told her that I didn’t see things like she sees them. I reminded her of the rainbow, and daddy’s candy cane, and I said I didn’t see them and I never have. Her face totally dropped, and I could tell that she was questioning what was wrong with her and whether she really saw them either.

I quickly continued and told her that she has special eyes – that they are a gift from God so she can see things that others can’t see. I told her God lets her see things that I can’t see so she can tell me about them. She understood and became really excited about her special eyes.

Then she shifted her eyes to look at the wall across the room and without twitching a muscle she whispered to me, “Mama, there’s a window over there.”

I laughed. “I know, Button. I can see the window!”

Then she looked at the floor and whispered to me, “Mama, there’s a shadow down there.”

I laughed again. “I KNOW, Button! I can see the shadow! I can see just about everything you can see.” I started to get up to go, and she was laughing, too.

“Like the rainbows all over my room, right Mama? You see all the rainbows that just came in the room.”