[Mother of All Boomerangs Series]

Anyone who trusts in Him will never be disappointed. 1 Pet. 2:6

There is a cause/effect relationship between trusting in Jesus and not being disappointed. The reaction of disappointment flows from a deficit of trust.

More precisely, the word “disappointed” here also is translated “shame” and “make haste.” The connotation is not one of mere circumstance (like I’m disappointed I missed your party), but one of personal identity. Whenever we seek our value, worth, or identity through something that’s not Jesus, we set ourselves up for deep disappointment. Whether it’s other people’s opinions of us, our own skills and abilities, or career accomplishments – it does not matter. They all will fall short, our identity will be implicated, and the disappointment and shame will set in deep.

The key to avoiding disappointment and shame is trusting in Him. Keeping our eyes focused on Him keeps our spirits lifted. But focusing on situations, people, or ourselves inevitably leads to shame and disappointment. Perspective is the source of joy.