I have a theory about preaching – it’s called the Boomerang Theory. Whenever I teach the Word, I anticipate that I will get “hit” by what I’m teaching shortly after I teach it, if I wasn’t hit by it before. For example, if I teach on patience, then I will undoubtedly be put in a challenging situation in which my patience is tried. If I teach on stepping out in faith, then my faith will be tested.

Well, recently I’ve been hit by the mother of all boomerangs. It’s the convergence of months of words given to me, lessons learned, messages delivered, revelations, etc. To be completely honest, I’ve had a hard time processing it all. I’ve been mulling over a lot of it, unpacking it like a really big box at Christmas with a lot of small gifts inside and an overwhelming amount of those elusive packaging peanuts.

So I’m going to try to simply catalog my thoughts and journey here, with the hope that at the end they form some coherent tapestry of sorts. I don’t really know what all God is doing in me, but I do know that it’s really, really big (bigger than any spiritual change I’ve gone through previously).