This story was told to me by Katie, a woman in our fellowship, and is re-told here, in Katie’s words:

Before church this Sunday, I went upstairs to talk to Kelly and found Kelly praying over her daughter who was sick with a low-grade fever that morning. Kelly commanded the fever to leave her daughter’s body and, after praying, noted that the fever had decreased 1 degree already.
Since I had never attempted to heal another through prayer before, I thought it might be a good chance for me to step out of my comfort zone and join in this endeavor. I put my hands on Kelly’s daughter and commanded the fever to leave her body, and as I did so I felt my body heat up significantly. After the prayer, we again noted the fever had decreased an additional degree.
I took this opportunity to ask Kelly’s young daughter, only 4 years old, to help pray for me and my feet. I asked her if she understood the process of prayer, and that she would be commanding my feet to be healed. She said she understood, so we began. As she prayed, she said, “Dear Lord, please heal the feet of Lily’s (my niece’s) grandmother. I thank you God, and I love You. You take the pain away.” Not sure whether she had just misspoken, I clarified that she knew I was not Lily’s grandmother, but her aunt, and she said she understood. I then asked her if she meant to pray for Lily’s grandmother, and she said yes. So, I further asked, “Did God tell you to pray for Lily’s grandmother?” And she assured me that He had.
Knowing that my mother, Lily’s grandmother, does have painful joints and such, I wrote her a text message to find out how she was doing today, telling her that one of the children in the church prayed for her when I had asked them to pray for me. I did not receive a response until after church, but what she said astounded me. Her text read, “Have a long day at work today, since working a double…Need feet prayers!” And, I assured her that those prayers had already been sent up through the faith of a child!