Some days you come home victorious; other days you come home defeated. Well, it was one of those defeated days for me. I sorely fell short of my expectations and goals for myself, and I was really disappointed in myself. I had already talked with God, and knew He had forgiven me, but I was still so disappointed and ashamed.

As Button and I were coming up the stairs that night to get ready for bed, she was pointing at the top of the stairs and saying something, but I couldn’t understand her. When we were standing near the bathroom, I finally understood what she was saying.

“A rainbow, Button? You saw a rainbow in our house?”

Slightly irritated with me, she replied, “Yes, Mama. It was the most BOOOOOtiful rainbow. But you missed it!”

“Really, Button? A rainbow in our house??”

“Yes, Mama! But you MISSED it!”

“Where was it, Button? Come and show me.”

So she held my hand and led me back to the staircase. And then pointing at the ceiling at the top of the staircase, she said, “It’s right there, Mama. See?”

Of course, I didn’t see anything. [Oh, that I could have the eyes of my child to see the things God is doing around me!] But I delighted in knowing that when I was feeling so ashamed and hopeless, I walked right under a rainbow — God’s sign to us of His promise that He will not destroy us, but forgive us. It is THE sign for hope and a future because of His grace.