It was disgusting. More nasty bodily fluids than I have ever seen. And there was no sign of them stopping. This kind of mass expulsion doesn’t usually stop – so I was going to be chasing Siah around all day, trying to catch him – or his fluids – before they contaminated more rooms of the house. What a way to spend a Saturday. And my poor little boy – to be that sick and dehydrated. I felt terrible for him. I even found him hiding in shame for a mess he made because of his illness, even though he couldn’t have helped it. When I found him, he looked at me sheepishly and said, “I’s disGUSTing, Mama.”

I didn’t know what to do. The doctor said to give him fluids – and no solids – and it should pass in a day or two. Yeah, but I don’t want to just suffer through this. Especially when I have a big, big God who loves to heal us. So I put my hands on Siah’s head and tummy and prayed something really simple, like, “God, Siah’s really sick. And I’m really worried about him. So, in Jesus’ name, may Siah be healed. May the fullness of your love and healing power go through his whole body right now and eradicate this virus completely. And may he have no more vomiting or diarrhea. May this last incident BE the last incident. In Jesus’ name I pray.”

Well, you know what? Siah didn’t vomit again, and he didn’t even have a poopy diaper of any kind the rest of the day (or the day after that, for that matter. I guess I prayed the constipation right into him!)! I was so thankful and amazed – my faith grew that day.