I got this “randomly” from a pastor in our district. It’s not that all of these things have to be present in a person struggling under control or the spirit of Jezebel, but these are some of the ways you can identify it. I would add to this list a tell-tale sign that was identified in Pastor Daniel Brown’s message – sexual immorality. I’ve seen that in every person (including myself) who I know struggles or has struggled with this spirit/the spirit of control.

How to recognize the Jezebel spirit:
1-Is pushy and domineering
2-Talks incessantly
3-Commands attention
4-Refuses to admit guilt or wrong
5-Takes credit for everything
6-Uses people to accomplish its agenda
7-Withholds information
8-Talks in confusion
9-Possessive Love(turns from sweet to sour if she doesn’t get her way)
11-Need to accomplish her will (at anyone’s expense)
12-Vindictiveness if she doesn’t get her way
13-Criticizes everyone
15-Sequesters information
16-Uses information
17-Is vengeful
18-Spiritualizes everything
19-Is insubordinate
20-Is clairvoyant
21-Uses the element of surprise
22-Sows seeds of discord
23-Attempts to make you look like your the Jezebel
24-Insinuates disapproval
25-Knows it all
26-Is ambitious
27-Gift giving
28-Is independent
29-Is religious
31-Volunteers for anything
32-Ignores people
33-Never gives credit or shows gratitude


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Discerning and Defeating the Spirit of Control
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