One morning as I was brushing Button’s hair, I was praying for her in my mind. Nothing unusual – just general stuff. Like, “Lord, please bless Button. She is so precious and I love her so much. Thank you for her. Continue to fill her with your joy – a joy that is contagious and healing to so many people. Grow her exponentially spiritually as she grows physically. Give her a spiritual wisdom and maturity that far surpasses her age. Keep her pure. And guide her always. May she delight in obeying you all the days of her life.” And whatever else comes to mind. Just general stuff that I pray for the kids.

Both of us had been quiet as I was praying internally and working through the tangles in her “boings” (her curls). I was brushing out the back of her hair when Button piped up, laughing, “Mama! Look at that!” She was looking in the mirror.

“What, Button?”

“That! That thing on top of my head! That’s so funny!” she said, presuming I knew what she was talking about.

I stopped brushing. “What, Button?”

Seemingly confused at why I was asking, she repeated, “That funny thing on my head! That’s funny!”

I could tell she thought I saw the same thing, and couldn’t in any way understand that I didn’t. So I tried a different strategy. “How would you describe what you see?”

She paused and then said enthusiastically, “It’s a hand, Mommy!”

“A hand?” “A small hand like yours or a big hand like Daddy’s?”

Without hesitation, she said, “A BIG hand, like Daddy’s! That’s so funny!”