We were leaving daycare one day. Button ran on ahead to the car, and I was holding Siah’s hand as he was bravely walking down the steps.

Suddenly, Siah stopped in his tracks, said something strongly, and stomped his foot. I looked back, wondering why he wasn’t coming with me. That’s when I saw it — a baby snake wriggling back and forth as quickly as it could, trying to race away from Siah. It had been right at our feet, but I hadn’t seen it. Only Siah did.

Well… I hate snakes. I picked Siah up, held him away from me, shrieked, and did a football jig. [Like that helped anything!]

As we were getting in the car, though, a couple thoughts occurred to me. First, it was amazing that Siah wasn’t scared of the snake, but instead his instinct was to stomp on it. Just on a natural level, that’s amazing.

Second, from a spiritual perspective, this event was fascinating. Baby snakes are more aggressive and more dangerous than mature snakes. They are quicker to attack, and if they’re poisonous, they will release all of their venom. I was oblivious to the danger right in front of me. But Siah saw it. And he instinctively and authoritatively took care of it. And when you think of the devil as a snake (take the Garden of Eden, for example), this becomes even more profound. My son, the “fire of the Lord,” had no hesitancy in stomping on a snake as soon as he saw it. It reminded me of Psalm 91:13: You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

Siah, may you take on the enemy in all his forms, with no hesitancy, and with the full protection of the Lord for all the days of your life.